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SEONMUL - Meeting you is the greatest gift

Hi!! Welcome to Seonmul, a blogging community which connects all k-pop lovers around the world. Here, you can see lists of bloggers whom you can make friends, and exchange links with. Make yourself feel like an idol when we RT all your tweets, and promote your blog updates to our Twitter and Blog followers. Please read the ABOUT US section to know more about us and click JOIN to get your blog listed in this site. We hope for your support and to all the visitors, nice to meet you! There will be lots of events and activities for you to join in the future, and even chances to win K-Pop concert tickets too ^^

No matter if you are in love with the idols, or a K-drama addicts, or someone who never miss watching Running Man, you are all welcomed to join us because we're all about the big K ^^

If you came here via my messages on  your CBox, I'm sorry for spamming XD but you guys really have  amazing layouts! *hearts*

Do follow us on TWITTER! (we will follow you back, of course!)

Kai GIF credit to Tumblr 


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