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Hello Seonnies, hope you guys are in a pink of health. So many things going on for both of us this month. We thought that we will be free and get to hang around with our amazing Seonnies but something come out. Please pray for us, may everything goes well ^^

Anyway, I've been visiting all the Seonnies just now, commenting on the CBOX and sending you a little gift, until when I keep receiving "cannot post message. you have been banned" on most of your blog. I thought it would be one or two blogs only but it keep on showing after I visiting the first batch of Seonnies. So I gave up and decided to post here. I don't know why I've been banned in your CBOX tho *cries*

We are really sorry if we have been neglecting this community these days. We are thankful to those who still visiting, and sending messages to us. You guys are our source of energy that keep us going on through our harships. Hope to be back and fully focusing on Seonmul soon.

Here's the gift I've been meaning to give to you personally on your blogs:

and here are the buttons which we have finished making. We only have one old laptop right now to edit everything so please be patient. We suggest you to use the PSD that we gave you to create your own button ^^



New SEONNIES application is still closed until we finished making all the buttons, and updating the database. We lost everything when our laptop bag was stolen so it is like we have to start from scratch. Please bear with our slowness XD
DATE:Tuesday, 17 December 2013 TIME:{01:20} COMMENTS:

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