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Hello everyone!

We are sorry to keep you waiting. We have a bad start of 2014 which keeps us away from the Net. We lost our computer which stores everything about Seonmul, and we just bought a computer which is now so empty that we need to install so many things. We are bringing back the Seonmul love, and we are sorry to keep you waiting. For the Boys Republic winners, you can click here to see the preview of the photocard that we bought for you. For those who are getting irritated that we haven't sent your gifts, or haven't finished making your banners, we are truly sorry. 

For an update, I am now in my 3rd semester of Masters study, and Fei, who gave up being a kindergarten teacher, is now a Masters freshie who is struggling in her first semester. We both moved to live together, and still searching for a part-time job. Any suggestion? kekeke~ 

A new layout is done, and for the first time, it will feature a K-Pop idol on it. We decided to choose this idol because of the strong stage presence, and also the talent this idol has. Next time, we will cast a vote for Seonnies to choose who will be in the next layout.

You can now comment on each post, if you don't want to use the cbox ^^

Again, we are not accepting new Seonnies right now. We have been neglecting our precious Seonnies, and it is time to pay back all the love you guys have given us. Please check the YOU section, and act fast, or click here

With this, I'm signing out. Time to sort out things in this newly bought laptop #.#

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